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BLUEDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid, 2.5 gal

This BLUEDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid 2.5 Gal is made to meet the specific demands of diesel engines. Its designed to support a cleaner environment by emitting fewer airborne fumes into the atmosphere, making it an ideal option for your vehicle. This peak bluedef diesel exhaust fluid works to ensure the optimum performance of SCR engines, offering you performance that you can rely on. Use it to promote better fuel mileage in your tractor, truck or another type of vehicle that calls for it. The bottle is conveniently sized, which makes it easy to pour, transport and use. This peak blue def 2.5 gals can easily be stored in your garage or workspace until you need to use it. Its simple to pour, so you can have your vehicle ready right away. Its approved for use in all diesel SCR systems. The BLUEDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid 2.5 Gal will make a convenient and helpful addition to your vehicle care system, keeping your tractor running smoothly for a long time. 


Order here:  http://goto.walmart.com/c/1793231/568824/9383?veh=aff&sourceid=imp_000011112222333344&prodsku=959025690&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.walmart.com%2Fip%2F959025690